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About the Program

Our program addresses challenges experienced in high-stress, tactical environments, including the lingering aftereffects of repeated exposure. JHP focuses on performance optimization, using validated, empirically based techniques. The curriculum and delivery platform are engineered to enable users to build long-term habits around their mental and physical health, as well as inform their overall wellness decisions. Our approach is scientifically proven to increase personal readiness, performance and stress management.

How it Works

Proven Results

Based On FEMA + NIH Clinical Trials

From 2014- 2017, using our program, FEMA conducted a two and a half year department-based clinical trail covering over 1,000 first responder nation wide.

From 2016-2017, our program was used by the NIH in a two year clinic-based clinical trial covering over 500 first responders from New York state.

Who We Work With