Our Fitness Initiatives

Jumpline Tactical Fitness (JTF) designs, implements and communicates holistic fitness and wellness programs for our nation's firefighters. The program combines proven techniques in mental strength, physical fitness and nutrition with dynamic social media tools to keep our firefighters fit, healthy and connected in all aspects of their lives.

Our Products

The fire ground is a dynamic environment that continually challenges the safety and health of our fire fighting force. Jumpline's signature series of tools and resources includes items such as performance-engineered clothing, hydration mix and bail out systems that enables firefighters to meet these challenges head on while supporting their health & safety.

100% of the profits of all goods sold are donated to The First Twenty.

Outfitting Our Finest

Jumpline Government Services (JGS) delivers a full range of fire service products to keeps DoD firefighters operating at maximum potential. From haz mat to structure to crash fire rescue, JGS provides cost-effective and cutting-edge equipment solutions for fire and rescue teams. No order too big or too small.